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Three Quarter Ale
Formed in 2002, Three Quarter Ale is a nationally-recognized, Atlanta-based trio of musicians who combine their skills as singers, instrumentalists, actors and comedians to create electrifying performances. The band, comprised of characters Ariana Pellayle (Becky Cormier Finch), Rosemary Quench (Rivka Levin), and Wicked Pete Speakeasy (Dolph Amick) first appeared at the Georgia Renaissance Festival, but have since transcended those roots to bring their unique "Ren-rock" to a wider audience. Voted one of the top three rock acts in the Georgia Lottery All Access Music Search, TQA continues to set the standard among their peers with their catalog of top-selling CDs, their creative character tie-ins, and now, AleCon!

The opposite of your typical rock band, theKey is university educated, classically trained, and fully capable of doing their own taxes! Seemingly endless hours of practice, boundless determination, and a passion for making a difference have created early success for theKey as well as their philosophy on life and performing.  Gearing up to release their first full length album on July 4, 2012 with a FREE CD Release Show at 6PM the same day at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, theKey looks forward to an exciting 2nd half of 2012! Vistit them at

Julie Gribble
Julie Gribble is a fresh face on the Americana/Country scene... a unique, powerful, and honest tone with one of a kind lyrical storytelling all wrapped up with hints of bluegrass, traditional country, with her main base in Americana. Gribble has had the honor of opening up for such legends as Billy Joe Shaver and of performing her original tunes on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 3 separate times as well as numerous other tv shows. It's that ole Hollywood story....Julie was working every morning at a coffee shop in Los Angeles and he was her customer. Craig gave Julie a shot and named her a 'friend' of the show. Julie still books her own shows, answers every fan email, and yes, sometimes needs a nap along the way, but loves what she does! Gribble says, 'It's about this amazing journey I'm able to be a part of. The music, fans, & laughter that happen along the way is the best part and I'm reminded everyday how blessed I am to be able to share my heart through music and hopefully touch a soul or two along the way!"

KnightSong has been performing a cappella music together for 23 amazing years! We perform throughout metro Atlanta and the Southeast US, at festivals, weddings, and parties. We have performed special music at churches throughout the Atlanta area, and also do our own dedicated concerts twice a year. KnightSong has released four CDs (all available on We are a family of friends who love making music together - we hope our audience feels the love too!

Denim Arcade
In early 2006, an 80’s band called Great Scott! was formed as a project focused mainly on playing signature songs of artists who were popular in the 80’s. In early 2010, Denim Arcade was born. They honed their skills at playing some of the most recognizable and fun songs from the 80’s, using similar equipment to what was employed during this period. You will hear the same sound, the same energy and the same quality performance you might have experienced if you were attending a live concert in 1989. There are times you’ll swear you’re listening to the actual artists.

burndollies is a band that combines 90's shoegazer music with 60's choral vocals. A wash of guitars twists like a perfumed mist around the forest of thudding beats, synth textures and undeniably groovy pop hooks. Close your eyes and float/dance away.


Jeff Watkins, magic

Better known as the Artistic Director of the Atlanta Shakespeare Company at the New American Shakespeare Tavern, Jeffrey Watkins will be featured in a slightly different role at AleCon. Before creating one of the leading Shakespeare companies in the nation, Jeff did card tricks on the streets of New York. A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians’ Order of Merlin, Watkins has performed all over the U.S., including the 50/50 Club in San Antonio, Texas and the Ponderosa Sun Club in Illinois. (The latter being a nudist club, one is prompted to ask just where he hid the bunny?) If you get a chance, ask him to tell you the story of the “Four Pound Onion”. Look for him on the opening night of AleCon at the "TQA Cabaret".

S. Renee Clark, musical stylings panel
Renee is a musical director, composer, actor, musician and mom. She studied composition at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston. Toured with a group of musicians to Germany, England and Scotland as part of a Defense Department program. Toured solo in Morocco and Scandinavia. Lived and worked in Norway for six years. Did many of the earliest musicals with Atlanta’s late, great Jomandi Productions and helped start the Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. She recently composed the music, played the score and provided the voice of Mama in the Center for Puppetry Arts’ Ruth and the Green Book. Works in the choral department at Tri-Cities High School, fills in at church music programs around the city and continues to book freelance work in all areas. Renee won the Suzi Bass Award for her musical direction of Avenue Q at Horizon Theatre (2011) and Big River at Theatrical Outfit (2009). This summer she will perform with Bernardine Mitchell in the musical Mahalia! in Sacramento, California.

Bryan Mercer, musical stylings panel

This remarkable composer and musical director has been known to Atlanta theatre audiences for over 30 years as an actor, singer, musical director, composer, designer and folk artist. Composition credits include T.S. Elliot's MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL at St Phillip's Cathedral and the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern; FRANKENSTEIN, THE GHASTLY DREADFULS, SOMETHING WICKED, SPOOKY PUPPET SHOW, THE BODY DETECTIVE, BRER RABBIT, MIGHTY BUG at the Center for Puppetry Arts, and I DREAM OF PEACE using children's poems from Bosnia performed with Sir Peter Ustinov for President Jimmy Carter. Bryan has musical directed and performed in over 100 shows in the Atlanta area including Habima Theatre working with performers with developmental disabilities and as an instructor at the Alliance Theatre working with teenagers developing musical interpretations of classics such as OUR TOWN with brit-pop music of the 60's, THE CRUCIBLE with 70's rock and roll and THE GRAPES OF WRATH using soul music of 1968. Bryan has composed the music for WHAT'S EATING KATIE?, an educational show addressing eating disorders written by Dina Zeckhausen. Watch for him this fall in Theatre Emory's MYSTERO BUFFO and Synchronicity's return of A YEAR WITH FROG AND TOAD this December.

Rule of 3, dance
Rule of 3's mission is to provide opportunities for new creative talent to explore and to present immersive story experiences through a variety of mediums. They enjoy crossing artistic boundaries and fostering collaboration. Originally established in 2007, Rule of 3 Productions grew out of the friendship between owners Dave Prewitt, Joe Mines, and Kristyn McGeehan, who have been creating stories together for nearly two decades. They first created Red Button Productions, which produced interactive theater or live-action roleplaying events. From the beginning they wanted to branch into stage productions. One of Rule of 3’s latest works, Into the Dark Wood, incorporates original game presentations, dance, and theater in its telling of three fairy tales.

Andrew Duncan, props panel
Andrew Duncan got his start in the film industry back in 1988 when he won a writing contest and was flown to London to be an extra in Tim Burton's first Batman film. After graduating from Georgia Tech's College of Architecture he began working full time in the film industry, for many
years as an Assistant Propmaster, later adding set design, graphic design, and art direction to his resume. He currently works for a Development Management firm though he still occasionally day plays on set. His alter-ego, a space pirate named "Captain Drew", is known for organizing an annual pirate-themed pubcrawl known as "PiratePalooza" (now in its 8th year). Captain Drew is also the inventor of the rPhone™ and the rPlank™, and is the author of a book "The Official Survival Guide to the rPlank™" (available from In 2010 Andrew founded an annual science fiction convention called "Cardboard*Con", a convention devoted to costumes built entirely from cardboard.

Free to a Good Home, improv
Free To a Good Home is a ragtag bunch looking for the chance to make you laugh. We all come from different backgrounds and have different views on most things, but come together every chance we get and turn those differences into comedy. You're sure to find at least one member of our troupe that you'll want to take home with you; but remember, we come as a set. Until we find a home, we're content to travel around and bring the funny to wherever and whoever will have us. Be sure to check out more performances by our troupe on our website:

Charles McFall, podcasting panel
Since discovering podcasting in 2006, Charles McFall has focused on building his career in this new media. In the past four years he successfully developed multiple live shows, created content & produced episodes for other hosts, and strove to bring live broadcasting to the podcasting community. In January 2012 he joined Adam Curry's network, the No Agenda Stream, and only four months later joined the staff as the company’s A&R Manager. As the host of one daily and two weekly live shows, Charles has been featured on the School of Podcasting as an expert in the live experience, building a team, and self branding. His shows include Bear Crawling LIVE!, Chaos & Coffee, and The Other Side of LIVE!

Shannon Mcneal, storyteller
Shannon McNeal grew up listening to her grandfather telling tales about their family. She inherited his talent for spinning tragedy into comedy and loves to share her stories about growing up in Alabama and her adventures after moving to Atlanta. Shannon graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in philosophy and a couple years later went off to Mississippi to study law so she could earn a living. Now she lives in the Atlanta metro area and is having the time of her life telling stories. If you love southern porch stories, you will love Shannon McNeal.

Alex Autrey, podcasting panel
Ask his wife about Alex Autrey, and she’ll tell you that he’s funny, and handsome. Ask his sister about Alex Autrey, and she’ll tell you about the time he got a YooHoo bottle stuck on his tongue. Ask Alex Autrey about movies, and he won’t stop talking. Able to remember everything about his first experience going to see the original untainted Star Wars in 1977, Alex has become what he calls a “movie opinionist” (opinionist being his own word which he hopes will take off…in much the same way that “spork” did). As the host of 7th Row Center, Alex gives his take on the movies and the movie-going experience weekly (sometimes weakly). You can download 7th Row Center from iTunes or, or hear it on Stitcher Radio or No Agenda Stream.

Ian O'Donnell, Irish dance
Ian O'Donnell is a singer, entertainer and musician in the tradition of the Bards of old, traveling and performing in Irish pubs, festivals and Renaissance faires around the U.S. and in Europe. Ian is a member of the Atlanta-based musical group Toucan Dubh, which performs Irish/Celtic, modern and original music, and is known for fun, upbeat shows that are loaded with excitement, laughter and great music!

In addition to being a musician, Ian is also an Irish dancer and instructor. He studied traditional Irish step dancing for years and has danced both competitively and for fun. Ian has also performed and studied Irish set dancing in Ireland – in Irish! Come join the Irish Dance workshop at AleCon, where you can learn some basic steps and have a bit of fun putting them together into dances you can do at a ceili (Irish dance party) - or impress your friends next St. Patrick’s Day. No experience necessary!

Molly Belviso, costuming moderator
Molly Belviso has three very expensive degrees in theatrical production, with specialization in costume design. She has designed for a lot of renaissance faire characters, theatres in NY, NJ, PA, AL, and GA, and truly hates to sew. Her talents include millinery, patterning, historical design, and her side business, +1 Charisma, an image consulting service for geeks.




Platinum Championship Wrestling
Ann-Carol Pence
Lindsay Smith
Carl Kyle F.
Alex Autrey
Jay Rood
The Spanxx
The Object Group
Banat Almeh with Monet
Brian Preston

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